In Context: Accusative Articles and Adjectives

These are intended to be grammar examples only: they reflect possible, correctly declined phrases rather than phrases that Germans are likely to use in everyday conversation.  The idea is that by changing only the key parts of a sentence, the grammatical meaning becomes easier to understand intuitively.  At least, I think it helps me…

Example phrase: Sie isst __________.

Singular, definite article

  • die große Torte
  • den großen Kuchen
  • das große Eis

Singular, indefinite article

  • eine große Torte
  • einen großen Kuchen
  • ein großes Eis

In plural, all adjective forms match all genders.

Accusative plural adjectives:

  • keine großen
  • die großen
  • große

Accusative plural nouns:

  • Torten
  • Kuchen
  • Eis