In Context: Dative Articles and Adjectives


These are intended to be grammar examples only: they reflect possible, correctly declined phrases rather thanphrases that Germans are likely to use in everyday conversation.  The idea is that by changing only the key parts of a sentence, the grammatical meaning becomes easier to understand intuitively.  At least, I think it helps me…

Example phrase: Sie bringt ___________ einen Kuchen.

Singular, definite article:

  • der freundlichen Frau
  • dem freundlichen Mann
  • dem freundlichen Mädchen

Singular, indefinite article:

  • einer freundlichen Frau
  • einem freundlichen Mann
  • einem freundlichen Mädchen


Again, the adjectives forms match for all genders, so these can be used with any plural.  Also, the Dative plural noun always ends in “n,” even when the regular plural doesn’t.

Adjective sets:

  • keinen freundlichen
  • den freundlichen
  • freundlichen

Dative Plural Noun forms:

  • Frauen
  • Männern
  • Mädchen