It begins

The last time I wrote a blog, I was traveling around Mexico, alone and with limited Spanish. I paid per minute to use the various Internet cafes, and in some of the smaller towns I felt lucky to find one.

This time, I’m headed to Germany; but rather than traveling throughout the country, I’ll be staying in one place and working remotely. I’m bringing my own computer with me, as well — a necessity for work, but also a convenience for keeping in touch with people “back home.” If the great experiment goes as well as I hope, this will simply be the first phase in my German adventure.

Right now, I’m about to head out of the office and make my way to SFO. It’s finally time to go to back to Germany — well, finally time to leave for Germany, at any rate. Tomorrow I will be effectively spending the day in Atlanta, then Friday morning I’ll land in Germany.

There is something to savor about this pre-trip eagerness. You never know what might happen while away from home; it could beat my expectations or destroy them. So right now, I’ll just bask in the simple naivete of advanced excitement.

View from the hill near my German domicile: