Hallo? Or hide?

I went for a walk this afternoon; I’d managed to be moderately productive this morning and decided I’d better get my exercise (and cabin fever prevention) in before people started waking up and reminding of the things I hadn’t yet accomplished — or even bringing up new things to do!

I’m here to practice living and working from Germany — to find out whether I’m made of the stuff that can hack it — but darned if I’m not going to see a little of the countryside while I’m at it.

So, as I was out walking, I realized two things: first, I’m afraid of crossing paths with Germans, simply because I have no clue whether I’m supposed to greet them; and second, when they do greet me, they often just say, “Hallo.” To my poor little American brain, trying to keep track of the morgens, tags, and nachts, a simple “hello” seems like cheating.

There’s something to be said for living within a couple blocks of a hillside swathed in vines:

More photos from the walk here!

4 thoughts on “Hallo? Or hide?”

  1. From German for travelers website http://tinyurl.com/oa

    "Do not expect total strangers to smile at you and nod hello. My students always wonder why people in Europe do not do that. I point out that smiling/eye contact can be indications that you want something from the other person."

    Too bad, smiling at strangers is just friendly…

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