Working on a different clock

The strangest thing about working from Europe is that, for most of my work day, all the emails I get are from myself.

I’ve never been very good at “working from home” — it takes a fair amount of focus and discipline, so I usually reserve it for when I have an urgent deadline, and the urgency itself provides the structure. So far, though — that is, one day in, really — I’ve been able to apply myself reasonably well. I think it helps that I know that people will start coming online around 5pm, and if I haven’t gotten anything done by then, I’ll have let them down. A little pressure never hurt anyone!

That’s the view from my desk window… When M. came home last night, he laughed at me for opening the curtain. “What,” he wondered, “do you dislike curtains?” “Um, no,” I replied. “I just wanted to look at the view!” I suppose it’s possible to become jaded about anywhere once you’ve lived there for a while.

The other nice thing about staying home during the day is that I have better options for running errands. There are a number of small business in the medieval town just down the hill; yesterday I left to pick up some bread before the bakery closed at 6pm and calculated it as a 5-6 min. walk. And the neighborhood winery has “wein verkauf” at their “wein pavillion” — that’s also only a few minutes away, but in a different direction.

We’ve been trying the “Trollinger Lemberger” varietals, which is apparently a classic wine blend for this region. Somewhat similar to a pinot noir, it is a very translucent red wine, with a light summery flavor — perhaps a little bit *too* drinkable!

I’ve also uploaded a few pictures from the little town (Beutelsbach) and from our shopping trip to Stuttgart over the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Working on a different clock”

  1. Paige, could you drop a few geo URLs in as you go? better yet, Google Earth compatible stuff. I'd love to be able to have a context to see the photos.

    And pics of you two!

  2. I'll work on the geo-encoding photos. It's a little trickier when they're not taken with a phone, you know… 🙂 (Also, I'm a little leery of being *too* location specific on what's essentially a public forum. I know, anyone who really wanted to find me could… but I like to maintain the illusion that I have some privacy.)

    To get you by until then, here's where I am:

  3. Hey there! Yael sent me a link to your blog 🙂 nice to see where you are working when I ping you on IM! 🙂 sounds like you are doing well and enjoying your new home. excellent!!

    oh btw: click on my name to see my music site. I put out a CD a year or so ago 🙂

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