On September 23, 2007, I participated in an art show titled Fresh Focus, An Afternoon of Art. The event was fantastically successful. What follows a visual report of the work I showed at the event. Thanks again to everyone who supported this event!

overlooked vignettes | crepuscular colors | weather moods | statement

My photography is driven by my fascination with unique perspectives and desire to explore beauty in the unexpected. While working as a web developer for an online photography company, I discovered that I love the challenge of capturing my vision of the world in two dimensions. As I compose a picture, I ask myself, "what am I trying to say with this image?" The answer to that question is never a simple one; my pictures are not about specific details as much as they are about the feeling I experience when I notice a specific detail.

The photos I'm showing today are all printed on Kodak Professional Endura Metallic paper, a traditional-style photographic paper with a pearlescent (rather than glossy or matte) finish. I chose to use Kodak's metallic paper for making these prints because I love how it captures the depth of these images.

I'm displaying three groups of images as part of the Fresh Focus show, each with a distinct focus. One set stems from my search for vibrancy and color in unexpected places; another is based on the relationship of water with the world that surrounds us; and the third, an exploration of light (natural and artificial) that remains visible well after sunset.

Overlooked Vignettes

These four images capture extended moments with disregarded objects. One of the things that drives me to capture images like these is the thrill of finding viewpoints that other people aren't seeing, and these images all play off that intent.

Weather Moods

These images are about misty, rainy days and places. What fascinates me about these images is how the objects in each scene interact very differently with the weather. The pair of photos from the north coast were taken on the same day, in the same storm, and the two Costa Rican photos were also taken on the same day as each other, but each of those scenes carries a different perspective.

Crepuscular Colors

Crepuscular animals are those that are most active at dawn and dusk. These images capture the interaction between richly saturated colors and the soft glow of artificial lights from those times of day.